Train to do the things you love

All of our certified and experienced professionals build an individualized program based upon your goals and specific level of fitness. The versatility of our trainers make The Base unique and provides the opportunity to pair you with one or several trainers. We have several clients that enjoy doing a variety of training sessions in the same week, whether it be Beach Volleyball Conditioning, training to surf, standard circuit training or a mobility class.

Our Process

We make finding the right trainer easy. We start with a conversation to determine your needs and wellness goals, schedule, interests, and experience. Next, we explore our group of trainers to determine the best possible match, and schedule a quick meet & greet. The final step is to get down to work! 

Wellness is a journey. As you achieve your goals, your trainers will work closely to ensure your program is constantly developing allowing you to gain momentum and avoid the plateaus that exist in traditional training environments. 

If you're looking for a focused and individualzed approach to your personal wellness, our dedicated and experienced team is ready to meet with you!